Real Estate

Whether you’re purchasing or selling real estate, there’s a substantial amount of money on the line. To best protect your investment, it is wise to consult an experienced real estate attorney. The attorneys at Quinn and Hardy are seasoned in real estate law and can help you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with real estate transactions.  They have invested in the technology and training to make your closing a smooth experience

How Attorney Kevin Hardy and Attorney Natalie Quinn Can Help

Attorney Kevin Hardy and attorney Natalie Quinn can review, draft and negotiate real estate contracts to protect your best interests. They are familiar with lender requirements in both purchase transaction, refinances and home equity lines and serve as title insurance agents so that your investment will be protected.  They work closely with your loan officer and real estate agent to ensure a smooth closing process.  The attorneys at Quinn & Hardy pride themselves on the personal attention given to each client.  You will not be handed off from department to department, and the attorney will remain up to date on the status of your transaction.

Real Estate Issues: The Law Firm of Quinn and Hardy

Attorney Kevin Hardy and attorney Natalie Quinn can assist with all of the issues that typically arise in real estate transactions. They have experience resolving title problems, reviewing and drafting easements, interacting with zoning and planning officials and much more. Both of these attorneys have successfully handled real estate matters with these issues. And if it’s not a wise purchase, they will be upfront and let you know. Plus, they can assist with real estate financing.

The attorneys at Quinn and Hardy have drafted contracts for both real estate buyers and sellers as well as landlords and tenants. For landlords, they ensure lease agreements comply with federal and state housing laws. For tenants, they can assist with non-compliance of repairs and on-premise injuries.

All around, the attorneys at Quinn and Hardy have in-depth knowledge of real estate law and work tirelessly to ensure that you are protected.

If you’re facing a real estate transaction or need assistance with a lease, turn to Kevin Hardy and Natalie Quinn at Quinn & Hardy for legal help.